For more than 15 years, eScreenLogic has provided superior environmental consulting services to commercial real estate and banking communities by putting client interests first.

When considering whether to make an offer on a piece of property, a day or two can be the difference between success and failure. That’s why we offer our EnviroScreen Tiered Solutions Suite, with a one day turnaround time. Quickly identify no- and low-risk opportunities with our EnviroScreen LTE screening tool, or learn the specifics about higher risk properties with our full-scale EnviroScreen property investigation.

Continue below to learn more about the specifics of our suite of EnviroScreen solutions.

EnviroScreen® LTE

We understand the need for buyers, developers, lenders, and banks to perform their due diligence when evaluating real estate, while doing so in the absolute minimum amount of time. EnvironScreen LTE is the fastest preliminary screening tool in the industry that incorporates a senior environmental professional’s expert risk assessment, with a turnaround time of 1 business day.

EnviroScreen LTE® is designed to be a lightning-fast means to promptly identify low risk properties. In this risk assessment, we review ASTM E1527-13 regulatory databases, historical data, and our own proprietary database for information about the subject property. This information is compiled and then evaluated by an EPA-certified environmental professional (EP).

If we discover risks that suggest that additional investigation is necessary, we can seamlessly transition to a full EnviroScreen evaluation, with the cost of the LTE evaluation being credited towards the full evaluation. You never pay twice.



EnviroScreen®Standard is the most robust desktop assessment. It meets and exceeds the requirements of an SBA compliant Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA). It incorporates a broad scale review of regulatory records, aerial imagery, property information, as well as eScreenLogic’s proprietary database. An environmental professional provides a comprehensive review to determine if further scrutiny is warranted. This the scope of this review is often comparable the file review incorporated into a traditional phase I assessment.

  • 3 Business Day Turnaround
  • Conclusive Risk Assessment
  • Multiple Options for Next Steps when applicable

In addition to the examination of historical data and database records we perform for our EnviroScreen LTE service—referred to as a records risk assessment (RSRA) or desktop screen—in a full EnviroScreen review, an environmental professional inspects the property for evidence of chemical contamination.

Evidence derived from the inspection and/or records assessment may indicate that a property is ‘high-risk,’ which means that hazardous materials are currently being released into the environment, that there are hazardous materials present from a past release, or there is a material threat of a future release. Generally, such releases result in the contamination of soil, groundwater, surface water air, or builds and other manmade structures.

As with our EnviroScreen® LTE assessment, we offer a turnaround time of 1 business day, and if the results of the assessment warrant an additional, more intensive review, the cost of the EnviroScreen will be credited towards the higher tier assessment. You never pay twice for our work.


Environmental Report Reviews

ESA Compliance Review: Occasionally, due diligence requires the review of past Environmental Site Assessments. A certified environmental professional will examine your ESA report to determine what scope of information was used to assess environmental risks, ensure that the report complies with ASTM requirements, and determine if the final recommendation follows established protocol.

EnviroScreen® + ESA Compliance Review: For those who want to be sure that all possible risks—past and present—have been accounted for, we recommend this combined ESA Compliance Review and EnviroScreen® assessment. As described above, our compliance review ensures that no risk factors were overlooked in the course of the original assessment, with the EnviroScreen® accounting for any new concerns that may have recently arisen, or that were missed in previous inspections.