Strata Core Services provides environmental drilling, soil vapor extraction, geotechnical drilling, direct push sampling, air knife utility clearance, underground storage tank removal, excavation, environmental remediation, demolition and waste handling services.  We service Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and New Mexico.  Our staff is knowledgable, experienced and efficient.  We’ll get your the right results for the right price on-time every time.


Environmental Drilling

Our fleet of truck and track-mounted drill rigs and direct push probe units are ready to handle your project scope.  Our crews are experienced, professional and efficient.  There’s no scope too small or too large for us.  We can do it all.

Our drill rigs have solid flight and hollow stem augers in all sizes.  Our operators have experience drilling through every type of subsurface formation imaginable.  When regular auger drilling isn’t enough we can core rock using air or mud.  We have set double and triple cased stainless steel and PVC monitor, soil gas vapor, extraction and recovery wells.  If you can come up with it we can make it work.  We work with you as a partner on your project to see it through to completion.  We work quickly and efficiently to finish the job to your specifications and we do it for your budget.

  • Hollow Stem Auger
  • Direct Push Sampling
  • Air & Mud Rotary
  • Chemical Injections
  • Soil Gas Vapor Wells
  • Geotechnical Sampling
  • Air Knife Services
  • PVC & Stainless Wells


Construction Services

From underground storage tank removal to managing asbestos abatement projects, our construction services are second to none.  If you have an environmental problem we can solve it.  We will handle your project from assessment to closure.  We can drill for soil and water samples, remove tanks, excavate contaminated soil, vacuum up contaminated water, profile your waste and haul it off for you.  We even do demolition, from small interior projects to removing structures and grading property for development.

  • UST Removal
  • Excavation
  • Remediation
  • Site Restoration
  • Demolition
  • Abatement

Waste Handling

There’s nothing worse than coming across an unknown environmental issue at your property and not knowing how to handle it.  let us help you with that.  We can identify the waste, find a facility that will accept it for recycling or disposal and get it there for you.  Believe me, we’ve done everything from dismantling, cleaning and removing dry cleaning equipment to fishing hazardous waste drum from the bottom of a pool to managing asbestos abatement projects.

  • Site Clean-Up
  • Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Solid & Liquid Waste
  • Waste Management
  • Over-Packing