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The Leader in Environmental Due Diligence Reporting.

We are eScreenLogic. 

What happens when you combine comprehensive environmental data sources, predictive analytics, a robust site reconnaissance network, experienced environmental professionals (EP’s) and a passion for world class performance? Put simply, you get eScreenLogic.

We are innovators.

With a wide range of innovative end-to-end solutions, we deliver enhanced environmental due diligence data to the financial, commercial real estate, and banking industry. These clients use our services on commercial loan transactions for environmental prescreening and prequalification, origination decision-making and underwriting, risk management and compliance, as well as portfolio monitoring and surveillance.

We are committed 

Our solutions and services enable our clients to improve pull through rates, collapse transaction cycle time, mitigate risks, and improve their customer’s experience during the commercial loan process. No wonder more than 98 percent of our customer base is repeat clientele.


Environmental Due Diligence
Field and Geological Services
Drilling Services
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Top Environmental Professionals

eScreenLogic employs the industries top Environmental Professionals. We provide the most in depth environmental and geological survey and testing.

High Quality

All of our products are thorough and of the highest quality. From research and testing, to leveled risk evaluation, you’re receiving clean, easy-to-read reports and top due diligence.

Fast Reporting

Utilizing top professionals, equipment, and software maximizes our site assessment and reporting efficiency. eScreenLogic prides itself on offering the industries fastest, most thorough desktop reports in as little as two to four hours.


eScreenLogic has grown to become one of the leading environmental due diligence companies in the nation. We offer a variety of environmental service reporting for lenders, banks, real estate investors, and more.

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