eScreenLogic’s Business Continuity During COVID-19

At eScreenLogic, we prioritize the health and well being of our employees above all else. In the midst of the constantly changing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are taking step and precautions to ensure we can continue to provide best-in-class due diligence services to our clients while protecting our staff, site contacts, and clients.

Our Ongoing Performance Commitment

eScreenLogic is well positioned to continue providing due diligence services throughout the Unite States with our geographically dispersed team and our expansive network of certified reconnaissance contractors. We recently implemented our business continuity plan, and we’re proud to say we are operating at 100%.

As the situation changes, eScreenLogic will leverage our experience, leadership and creativity to find solutions to the challenges this pandemic may impose including turnaround times, travel to properties, and access to specific regions or facilities. We are committed to delivering the same quality of reports, and excellent turn times, while ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and third parties.

Protection of Our Staff, and Site Contacts

Many of our services require site visits and in-person interaction. We have implemented changes to our processes to ensure our employees, contractors, clients and site contacts remain safe. These changes include:

  • Extensive communications to our staff and field teams about routine precautions as recommended by the CDC, particularly good hygiene practices while on-site, traveling, or in public places
  • Advising staff to stay home if they are sick, and to follow CDC guidelines on what to do if they think they may have been exposed.
  • Minimizing interpersonal contact and engagement. We are now performing more of our reconnaissance and interviews electronically to eliminate in-person meetings.
  • Modified our procedures to set clear expectations about the interaction with eScreenLogic personnel and site reconnaissance contractors.

Utilizing Technology for Site Assessments

eScreenLogic is prepared to offer alternative approaches to assessing facilities where access may be limited in order to safeguard sensitive occupants (ex. healthcare, senior living, etc.) or for other concerns. These approaches may include:

  • eScreenLogic can work with an existing occupant of the building to conduct a video-call inspection (ex Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom), or take specific interior photos.
  • Utilizing eScreenLogic’s proprietary site reconnaissance mobile application
  • eScreenLogic’s site inspector can conduct an exterior evaluation only
  • Completion of an interview and/or detailed questionnaire regarding interior conditions

Limitations in Data Availability

Some office operations are being scaled back or closed entirely in municipalities across the country. Our ability to access certain information may become limited or postponed as a result. We are utilizing additional sources of data to overcome some of these challenges. We will do our best to communicate, on a case by case basis, known challenges and options to provide services with limited data.

Keeping You Updated

We will do our best to keep you informed and respond to questions and concerns as we navigate this evolving situation. eScreenLogic will do everything possible to keep your transactions flowing smoothly while we remain focused on the health and safety of our teams.

For More Information

To discuss your specific project needs, please reach out to your eScreenLogic Customer Success Managers at

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