Chris Brewer CTO

Chief Technical Officer

Christopher has been a creator, developer, and technologist for over 18 years. His proficiency ranges from back-end platform development to advanced networking and database analytics.

Christopher Harrell CFO

Chief Financial Officer

Christopher is a result-driven professional with an excellent Masters education and 10+ years of business operations, sales, taxation, accounting, and client relations experience with early start-up and rapidly growing companies and Fortune 500 global multi-national corporations.

Chip Balk COO

Chief Operating Officer

As an Operations Executive with 20+ years of leadership experience in manufacturing, logistics, sales and the military, Chip balk has improved/turned-around business units, production lines, territories and teams in each role.

Anthony Romano III

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony joined eScreenLogic as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in December of 2018 to lead both business strategy & execution. Initial focus is standing up a multi-dimensional Go-To-Market organization (marketing, sales, account management and business development).

Chris Johnson Principle

Board Member & Principal

Johnson has more than 15 years of experience as an environmental consultant, commercial realtor, and business consultant dealing in national multimillion dollar projects. He is a licensed asbestos inspector as well as a licensed asbestos management planner.

Andrew Batistessa

Board Member & Principal

Andrew Battistessa also holds the position of President/Partner at Auqeo!, a strategic B2B sales management company focused on turning early to mid-stage companies into effective, scalable sales organizations.

Kraig Clark CEO Chairman

Board Member & Principal

Kraig Clark is a co-founder and principal of eScreenLogic, a leading provider of environmental consulting services which caters to commercial real estate clients, banking communities and private land owners.