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Over 15+ years of experience has brought a new level of professionalism to the Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling Industry. It begins with our people. Our drilling crews have over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling. All members of our crews conduct themselves in a professional manner, both on and off the job site. This professionalism, coupled with the finest technologically advanced drilling equipment, enables eScreenLogic to be the Premier service provider in our industry.

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eScreenLogic currently offers drilling services in limited states. The range of duties serves environmental needs and is handy in cases of risk assessment and due diligence reporting. To learn more about our drilling services or to order for your company. Please contact us with the form at the top.

We offer Limited Property Condition Assessments (LPCA) to clients who need structural evaluations for projects that are cost sensitive. The LPCA is essentially an abbreviated version of the PCA, but excludes assessments of care and upkeep, HVAC, and code and regulation compliance.  For clients who need some of these excluded categories, they may be added to an LPCA for an additional fee.