Environmental Transaction Screen

Enivronmental Transaction Screen Professional Recommendations and Site Assessment.

Get your 100% Accurate Environmental Transaction Screen Report Today!

Get your 100% Accurate Environmental Transaction Screen Report Today!

Cost-Effective Environmental Screening

Environmental Transaction Screen

eScreenLogic’s Environmental Transaction Screen (ETS) service is a cost-effective alternative to more in-depth options for assessing real estate property for the presence of potential contamination, such

as EnviroScreen or Phase I ESAs. Typically, ETS assessments are performed when to satisfy due diligence requirements evaluating a low risk site for loan purposes. If you are looking for information on a high-risk property, a more in-depth evaluation is advised.

Our ETS reviews rely on many sources of information regarding the property of interest and adjoining properties, including:

Property inspections

Questionnaires about the site and its current use completed by current property owners

Our own proprietary database

City directories


Sanborn and insurance maps

Governmental records

All environmental transaction screens are conducted in accordance with ASTM E-1528, and meet all Small Business Administration due diligence requirements for loans. If our ETS service raises concerns that require the need for a higher tier evaluation, the cost of our ETS will be credited to the secondary evaluation. You never pay twice for our services.

The Next Phase in Due Diligence Reporting

In the United States, ESAs of real estate properties are required in a number of situations, including:

  • When property is purchased or sold
  • Buyouts and changes in ownership
  • When a lender considers providing a loan for real estate
  • Changes in permitting
  • When mandated by a regulatory agency

In addition, there are many situations when an ESA is advisable, such as when a property is being evaluated for purchase, or simply when an owner wishes to know more about the current state of their property.

Alternative Video
Ground Drilling Service
  • Meets SBA requirements
  • Performed in general accordance with ASTM E-1528
  • Limited environmental review of a property with the scope of work intended to be less than that of a Phase I
  • Site reconnaissance – subject property and surrounding properties
  • Records Review (physical setting sources, city directories, Sanborn maps/fire insurance maps, historical information on subject property and surrounding properties)
  • Professional recommendations
  • If stemming from a lower tier evaluation the cost is credited. Never pay twice.