Understand Potential Environmental Risks.

EnviroScreen is a desktop environmental assessment used by brokers, bankers and borrowers to understand environmental risk. The data report leverages historical database information, historical aerial photos, Sanborn maps, city directories, and information provided by the stakeholders (questionnaires, prior environmental reports, etc.). The report is assembled, and the narrative, findings, and recommendations are performed by an Environmental Professional. These desktop reports are a great tool and provide lower cost and faster turn times vs. a traditional Phase I ESA.

Satisfy SBA Requirements
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  • Meets RSRA Requirements

    Meets the ESA requirements determined by most loan policies.

  • Move through transaction cycle with ease

    Quickly move through your CRE transaction.

  • Continue Loan Process Quickly Unhindered

    Continue the loan process swiftly and unhindered.

Leading RSRA Services.

A Desktop Risk Assessment is ideal when a physical site inspection is not necessary. Commonly referred to as a Records Search and Risk Assessment (RSRA), Desktop Risk Assessments are excepted by SBA loans for low-risk properties as a Phase I alternative. EnviroScreen helps CRE lenders achieve collateral certainty on property investments.

Cost-effective ESA Alternative